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Recoup Video Reviews help your brand easily grow revenue, trust, and retention.

Manage video reviews with speed and effectiveness by applying several collection methods.

Recoup Generated

Recoup users rate and create video reviews of their everyday transactions available to you in your dashboard.

Link Generated

Create and share a review link anywhere. Your customers rate and create video reviews of your company and verify transactions afterward.

Cart Generated

Create embed code and integrate with your cart. Verified customers rate and create video reviews of their transactions.

We stop fake reviews.

4 in 10 written internet reviews are fake. 60% of fake reviews harm your reputation.

Disgruntled Customers

Unresolved disputes expose your company to negative perceptions and reduces trust.

Non Customers

Hurts your company's review ranking and increases margin pressures from competitors.


Pollutes your online reputation and creates a bad customer perception with malicious content.

Swarm Attacks

Damages your brand and jeopardizes your relationship with customers, suppliers, and investors.

Return Abusers

Puts your ability to accept payments, quality of service and product reputation at risk.


Unfairly increases negative perceptions while wasting internal resources responding and attempting to resolve.

Reviews you and your customers can trust.

Anyone with a keyboard can unfairly harm your reputation, revenue, and retention in moments. And 80% of customers don't trust online written reviews — fearing businesses encourage fake positive postings. With Recoup Video Reviews, only verified buyers, showing their face, create reviews everybody sees and believes. Recoup Video Reviews. With over 10,000,000 ratings and video reviews already created, it’s the place to get trusted video feedback.

Video Reviews Are Trusted By

Why Recoup Video Reviews

User-Generated. Authentic. Verified.


65% of shoppers are more likely to trust products that have user-submitted photos or videos in their reviews.


88% of consumers look for videos submitted by other consumers prior to making a purchase.”


The average shopper remembers 95% of a marketing message when it is watched, whereas only 10% when read.

Create customer confidence.

Built on honesty and transparency, Recoup Review Videos are the people's choice for reviews. Because video reviews feature your customer's face, they are fairer, hard to fake, and drive higher conversion engagement.

Make it easy.

Tap into your customers' desire to share their experiences and build your brand. Getting Recoup Video Reviews doesn't require any coding or special software.

Drive product and service insights.

Unlike other review sites, you control who sees which video reviews. Particularly passionate or insightful reviews can remain private and serve as valuable customer insight to help improve your brand.

Increase influence and sales.

Share your best video reviews everywhere customers are looking. Take advantage of our easy Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Shopify, Email, and Website integrations.

Simple Deployment

Deploy a fast and accurate video review management solution without complex configuration or maintenance. Recoup's Video Review Managers will automatically recommend strategies to manage review collection out-of-the-box. No instrumentation with third-party JavaScript required.

Control and Configurability

Tune review management rules to fit your specific needs by scoping them based on path. Use a visual reward and incentive builder to customize review intake from different channels, affiliates, and social platforms.

Rich Analytics and Logs

Improve your video review posture by understanding, analyzing, and learning from automated traffic in the dashboard with Recoup Analytics. Create your own dashboards that correlate video review management traffic logs with your other data sources by using third-party tools such as SIEMs or business intelligence applications.

Easily share anywhere.

Deploy to any social, e-commerce, email, or website platform.

How are Recoup Video Reviews easier?

Video reviews are already on Recoup. No work needed. Just sign up. Search for your brand. Claim your video reviews and start sharing.

How can I generate even more video reviews?

Businesses can also get more video reviews with a link. Share your link. Get all review videos. Decide which to share. Works on any device. Nothing to install.

How does Recoup verify purchases?

Reviewers authenticate purchases by linking digital and paper receipts to Recoup after they create a video.

How does pricing work?

Recoup pricing is tiered based on the number of videos created on our platform. Setup a free account today to speak with a specialist.

What businesses are saying about Recoup

Recoup is one of the world’s most innovative review platforms. Every video review helps create ever-improving experiences for both people and companies.

Varo Bank • San Francisco, CA


Easy to work with and very pleased with increased conversions.

First Leaf • Napa, CA


Saw a 20% increase in sales with Recoup's Video Reviews.

Chime • San Francisco, CA


Recoup's services drove high-intent conversions.

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